History, part 4

I’d been fooled before. I was expecting it this time. Mom can’t ever keep up the front that she puts on when company comes for very long.

Phone calls progressed to supervised visits in public places, to supervised visits at their house, to unsupervised visits, to unsupervised overnight visits.

Still no sign of the old demon that used to be Mom. She wasn’t always happy. She wasn’t always sad. She had the same KIND of emotions that she had before, but the AMPLITUDE was definitely what I would expect from a relatively calm, but normal person. She MUST be medicated. Things that had always sent her over the edge before, like throwing away old, but unread newspapers didn’t bother her. Last minute changes of plans, especially involving the kids, were disappointing but not devastating and traumatic.

When we would get home, and my wife asked how it went (she still didn’t want to visit for obvious reasons) I would tell her that Mom was surprisingly normal. After a year, even my wife was taking the kids over for visits and would occasionally talk to Mom on the phone. One year of normal became two, and then three. In my entire life, I had NEVER seen Mom that normal for that long. Ever. I was surprised/amazed/pleased/relieved and finally thought that it was over – smooth sailing from here.

Yeah, Right…

Which finally catches us up to January, 07.

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