From Doctor Shopping to the Last Straw

Over the next week and a half, she got 3 epipen injections from Dad, and visited several different ERs in the area. Most were not helpful, as they wouldn’t give her an IV which she ‘desperately’ needed. One of them had a device that measured hydration levels, and she showed normal. Vials of blood were taken and tested, all showed normal, or nearly normal. By now, she wasn’t sleeping more than an hour a day, if that. Dad was getting worn down, and couldn’t understand why the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong. One hospital they visited, an old Army buddy of Dad was on the board. He came over and tried to help – mom didn’t like that hospital either, because they said that there was nothing wrong physically….. and she had a reaction to the perfume one of the nurses had ‘marinaded’ in.

A day or two after that, Mom had a severe reaction to diesel exhaust from a truck that was half a block away. That time she lost control of her bowel & bladder, and had to wrap a towel around herself to get back to the hotel room. Another trip to another ER and this one actually paid attention to her – the doctors gave her an IV even though her BP was 200/100, and looked up Sjogren’s on the computer. She left after having a bag of saline feeling better than she had in a week.

That night, since mom couldn’t eat in a restaurant because of her allergy to perfume/smoke/etc, so Dad got carry out. The restaurant was busy, so the food wasn’t hot enough when he got back to the room. An argument started, and he walked out.

I got several voice messages from Mom the next afternoon, that she didn’t know where Dad was, and that since he wasn’t right mentally, he might hurt himself. When I got home from work, I got a call from Dad. He told me that he was home, and could I spare some time to come over that evening. I got another call from him two minutes later, just letting me know that Mom wasn’t home with him.


~ by namegoeshere on April 12, 2007.