Mom & Dad do the ‘snowbird’ thing every year, and this year was no exception. It started normally, but about a week into their holiday I got a call that Mom had bumped her head on a door while looking for the bathroom one night. I didn’t think anything of it, until a day or two later, when I got a hysterical call from Mom. I immediately recognized the rambling manner and varied emotional level. NOT good. The next day, she had a ‘reaction’ to car exhaust, and went to see an allergist. She was having breathing problems and he diagnosed bronchitis, and prescribed antibiotics and prednisone. Dad was having some sinus allergies, and got meds for it as well.

The next day, she was back in the hospital because of an allergic reaction to the antibiotic, which caused blisters in her mouth. That night, I got another hysterical call from Mom. She said that she thought Dad was having war flashbacks, and that he had threatened to kill her – and other stuff equally insane. And she asked if my daughter could fly down to help her. And that the beach there was beautiful, and that they could go for walks & stuff and would have a good time.

The day after that, she was having problems with a recurrence of her Sjogren’s syndrome, that she couldn’t swallow, and issues with acid reflux. – She was diagnosed with Sjogren’s a few years ago, but from what I understand of the disease, the symptoms that she describes (having saliva, but not being able to swallow) don’t fit it. – A trip to the ER and a saline IV fixed her up. That night, I got another hysterical call. She was on the beach (11:00pm) and was afraid to go back into the room because she thought Dad would hurt her. She also thought that the allergy meds Dad was taking were causing him to be violent (She reads every package, and KNOWS ALL of the possible side effects). After letting her vacillate between being completely unable to handle what was happening and wanting my daughter to come down for a nice visit, she had calmed down enough to go back to their hotel room.

The next day, she got another trip to the ER – the same ER as before. This time the people weren’t helpful at all and refused to give her an IV (probably because her BP was 200/100) and she needed one to get rehydrated. They had seen the allergist again, and after a description of Mom’s reaction to exhaust fumes/cigarette smoke, he gave her an epipen. Dad had gone for a walk on the beach, and she was all alone in the room. She couldn’t eat or drink because she couldn’t swallow, and the blisters in her mouth had gotten worse.

~ by namegoeshere on April 12, 2007.