Once More Into The Breech

The next day, I got a voicemail from Dad at work. He briefly outlined his plan to get Mom home. He was going to drive back to the beach, and my cousin was going to fly. She was going to rent a car, and after visiting for a day or two, bring Mom back with her while Dad drove separately. Dad hadn’t decided if it would be a good idea for Mom to go visit my aunt for a while to help calm her down.

WOAH – I was not happy about it. It sounded like they were going to try to get Mom calm enough to travel, give her a nice little break and send her back just as broken as she was before. I had no intention of starting this process over again in a month or a year. We had gotten this far, and Dad’s resolve seemed to be slipping.

Mom called after I got home from work, and wasn’t happy about Dad driving down. He should fly, and I should drive, and then we could have a nice little visit before heading home. Oh, and would I bring my daughter, because she would really enjoy the beach, etc.

I went over to Dad’s for another visit that evening, and came home feeling much better about it. Dad finally understood just how bad the problem was. As painful as it was going to be, he was going to get Mom the help she needed and stick with it. We discussed some more things and went over similar stuff to the two previous visits. I made sure that Dad understood the options and liklihood of hospitalizing Mom. I laid out a few scenarios for him, and he told me again that this was IT. He was getting too old to continue, and every cycle that Mom goes through seems to be worse than the previous one.

Mom called while I was there, so I just sat quietly while they talked (Dad said maybe a dozen words) for about 15 min. When I got home from Dad’s I got another call from Mom. Her version of the conversation didn’t sound anything like Dad’s end that I had been listening to. According to her, Dad didn’t want to drive, but since I couldn’t get off work he was forced to. And Dad thought that I was just being horrible not to come down with my kids, but that he wasn’t going to push it. And he got mad and yelled at her for half an hour and then hung up on her after telling her how much he hated her, etc.

Dad stopped by the next morning (Saturday) and visited for a few minutes with the kids before he hit the road.


~ by namegoeshere on April 13, 2007.