Step One…..

Dad arrived at the hotel Sunday afternoon, and my cousin arrived on Monday. They took a long walk on the beach that evening after diner ( Mom was much more normal than in the previous weeks) and Mom actually went to sleep that night. She slept for about 7 hours, which was about 6 hours more than she had slept any day in the past month. Mom woke up feeling refreshed the next morning. Dad and my cousin went down to breakfast, as Mom wasn’t ready (depending on her mood, Mom can take between 10 minutes and 3 hours to get ‘ready’ for anything). Mom followed them down about half an hour later, and then it began all over again. Mom went on a tirade, sitting at the table in the restaurant yelling at Dad. This lasted about two and a half hours. Eventually Dad, after having stepped outside for a breather while my cousin sat with Mom, decided that it was time, and had my cousin call the police.

I’m leaving a lot of detail out here, because I don’t really have a clear idea of what happened. Three officers (one female) arrived, and it took them about 45 min. to get Mom in the back of a squad car. The one that drew the short straw (I assume) drove Mom to the hospital, where she was placed under observation. I bet they were just about drooling by the time they got to the hospital. Dad and my cousin followed about 2 hours later. By the time they got there the ER staff had observed enough, and Mom was moved to a room on their psych ward. The wanted to give her some anti-anxiety meds to bring her down a bit, but she refused all of them.

Dad called that evening and briefly told me what had happened. The next day Dade went to the hospital again, and the magistrate had scheduled an appointment for the day after. The magistrate’s visit was to oficially determine that Mom was not currently able to recognize what was in her best interest, and would make Dad her temporary guardian. The hospital explained that if Mom refused to take the prescribed meds for 72 hours they could give them over her objection, IF Dad agreed that she needed them. Dad had the forms and papers signed a day early.

~ by namegoeshere on April 15, 2007.