An Interlude, and Family Background

After Dad met with the magistrate, I talked to my cousin (who had returned home) and my aunt. My cousin’s version pretty much matched what I expected, that Mom had been yelling for hours prior to the police being called. She had helped Dad clean out their hotel room, which contained at least 6 boxes from QVC, and 5 trash bags full of stuff Mom had collected – stuff such as empty yogurt containers that she could put flowers in, a few ‘sturdy’ boxes that she had collected from the laundromat, ‘interesting’ rocks she had collected (some from the beach, and some from the hotel flower beds), and the ever-present papers (every free flier she passed while they were away, and newspapers).

Mom has always had a very serious aversion – bordering on paranoia – about any kind of psychoactive medications. I talked to my aunt a bit to see if there was anything in her past that could have caused it . Mom also claims to have seen psychiatric patients tortured, straitjacketed, and medicated to the point that they were just sitting and drooling. My aunt said that they lived about 10 miles from a psychiatric hospital, but that the only patients they ever saw were when they drove past, as some of the patients were allowed to have a garden on the grounds, and even that was about a hundred yards from the road. My aunt also said that my grandmother didn’t have an aversion to meds, and would frequently change doctors until she found one that believed the symptoms she described, and would give her a prescription. When my grandmother moved out of her house, my aunt found several different bottles of nitroglycerin, each from a different doctor. My aunt also experienced similar things with my grandmother, such as the collecting of stuff and emotional tirades. My grandmother and her mother had severe problems, to the point that my grandmother had no contact with her mother for the last 40+ years of her life.

I also talked with my cousin a bit about Mom, and her ‘going off’. One of the things that was a concern was if Mom was actually capable of hurting herself. While I doubt Mom would intentionally do anything to herself, she has gotten it in her head that she needs an IV frequently. When her BP is 200/100, an IV is the LAST thing she needs and could potentially hurt or kill her. She also projects her actions and feelings onto Dad. For example, if you ask her about that morning at breakfast, she will tell you that she sat calmly, while Dad screamed at her the whole time. Since she has been known to do this, and she had said that Dad was planning on hurting her, I don’t think it is a stretch to think she would be likely to hurt either herself or Dad.

I talked to Dad later that evening, and told him about the other QVC stuff that had been shipped to my house. He told me what of it to keep, and what to send back. My kids were VERY disappointed that the 40″ plasma TV wasn’t staying. I also asked him if he had seen Mom, and he told me that he wasn’t going near the room until they had her medicated.


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