The Hospital Stay

On Mom’s second day at the hospital, they moved her from the more restrictive room to the least restrictive ward – because she didn’t pose an immediate danger to herself or others.

After having been hospitalized for three days, they made Mom start taking the meds. I don’t know how they made her do it, and I’m not sure that I want to. I may ask if my morbid curiosity gets the better of me. Mom was much happier on the new ward, as she was able to leave her room and walk around. She found an elderly lady who used a walker, and helped her around. She also found a very troubled teenage boy, who she enjoyed talking to. Mom also had access to a phone. The phone was only able to make local calls, but Mom remembered the AT&T calling card number that she hadn’t used in years. Keep in mind that this is the same woman who can’t remember how to reset the TV channels after the power goes out, even with written instructions. At least Dad canceled Mom’s QVC account. Anyway, Mom called and talked to her sister (my aunt), my cousin, and Dad on several occasions. From what I’ve been able to get about the conversations, Mom still doesn’t understand why she was there, and why she needs the meds. Dad finally went in to see her, and she started in again. The same stuff she always says, just ad a much more controlled level.

Dad called me two days after Mom was medicated and told me about the Dr. On one of his visits with Mom, he told her that he was going to spend half an hour with her, and he didn’t want to hear “sjogren’s” once. Dad said that he would love to be able to tell Mom that. I told him that he could, but the outcome wouldn’t probably be what he wanted…

From what I understand of Mom’s condition, the meds have probably broken the ‘manic’ episode, but that there are some more underlying issues that it is not correcting (the paranoia, hypocondria, and delusions).

~ by namegoeshere on April 17, 2007.