Long and Winding Road…

We picked Mom up from the hospital about 1:00. It was interesting to see the nurse come out and explain to us their procedure on check-in of personal items, and that Mom was claiming that they lost a ring which was never checked in. Then Mom came out. She looked OK – not great, but nowhere near the worst I’ve seen her. It’s like she was set on ‘simmer’ – not boiling over, but not far from it. My understanding from the Dr this morning is that the meds will take a while to ‘dial down’ her emotional level, and that slow progress is to be expected. They also gave Mom a tranquilizer before they let her out. I understand why, and I think it MAY have helped a little. The nurse asked where we were parked (in front), and then asked if we would like to bring the car around. Mom said that she wanted to walk through the hospital, and then the nurse said that it was past a gift shop. Mom took offense to that, but it quickly blew over – and we were reminded of it only 10 or 12 more times over the course of the day. On the walk through the hospital, Mom commented on all the ‘nice’ things about the parts of the hospital that she wasn’t allowed to see – the pretty carpet & tile, the pillars in the foyer, the stained glass transom windows, etc. We had to stop for a break when we got outsde, as Mom said that it was overwhelming after having been locked up for so long… A few times on the way to the truck, Mom was less than steady on her feet – I’m not 100% sure if that was because of the tranquilizer, or if it was an affectation. She was intermittently very talkative and relatively quiet – like it took her a while to store up enough juice to overcome the tranquilizer and then ran out. The periods of drowsiness got deeper to the point that she was occasionally drifting off to sleep, and then waking up a few minutes later. It reached its peak around 3:30, when Mom drifted off to seep for nearly half an hour. From that point on, it was decreasing amounts of down time.

Anyway – when we left the hospital, Mom wanted to walk on the beach again, but we just went out and got on the highway. Mom wanted to see this, and go there, and do that, and stuff. We did give in to a few things that went moderately poorly. Dad got off the highway so that we could at least drive past part of the beach, and we ended up getting out and walking around a bit. When we FINALLY got Mom back in the car, she was complaining about being hungry. We drove a little further up the road, and stopped at a DQ. Mom got a chilli-cheese dog, fries, and a milkshake. She ate the entire hotdog, and about half the fries. A few times during lunch, she actually drifted off nearly to sleep and would drop her food. As we were leaving the DQ, Mom stopped at the paper stand and picked up one of everything – I convinced her to put the classified ad paper back, since we weren’t going to be in the area (small victories). We wandered around a bit more, then finally got back on the highway. After being on the highway for a while, Mom needed to get out to stretch. We stopped at a rest area, which was relatively uneventful. From the rest area, we stopped at a gas station, and I took over the driving from there. Mom had little or no memory of eating at DQ, so she was getting hungry. We had a crisis at the next rest area a two hours up the road, as Mom had dropped the cell phone when she dozed off, and couldn’t find it. Mom’s level ramped up really quick and stayed up, even after we found the phone. Fortunately, my aunt called about then, and talked to Mom for a few minutes. Mom was still complaining about being hungry, so we encouraged/prodded/coerced mom to get back on the road. Since Mom had only eaten ‘the most horrible food’ in the hospital, she wanted something nice – not a burger joint, or greasy spoon, but a nice place. We looked at all the billboards for the next hour, and finally settled on a chain bar/grill.

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  1. I am praying for your sanity through this difficulty. It would drive me out of my mind. Do not forget in all of this tragedy to take care of yourself and your own and find a good comedy every now and again to view, children work well.

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