The ‘Present’ Upon Our Return

When we pulled into the driveway tonight (about 11:00pm), I noticed something sitting on the hood of my car. Dad had left a hat that they had picked up for me on their holiday, and a two-page note under my windshield wiper.

My assessment of what drove Dad off was wrong – MOM HAS GONE OFF HER MEDS. She only took one yesterday, and none today. She locked Dad out of the house and hid his meds – which is life threatening in Dad’s case. She wanted the hospital report (I really need to post on it), which Dad negotiated for his meds. After reading part of the report she ‘exploded’, and went around screaming from the windows & doors of the house. She then locked Dad out again, but he had managed to get some stuff out – his meds, some clothes, and some important papers (including his copy of the hospital report). Mom wanted the rest of her stuff from the truck, which Dad offloaded into the back of my truck. Dad wasn’t able to get mom to give up the months supply of his meds, so dad only has about a weeks worth. Dad returned later that evening (we still weren’t home), and added to the note that he will be staying somewhere overnight, but that he will be back tomorrow.

After I talk with Dad tomorrow, I’m going to go over to the house and talk with (or maybe just at) Mom. While I’m there, I WILL be getting Dad’s meds. Depending on the conversation with Dad, I only see a few options:

  • I can get Mom to take her meds and agree to continue taking them
  • I convince her to go to the hospital for another weeks stay
  • The police get called again

I’m not holding out for option one or two, but I’m going to try anyway. Regardless, I expect that Dad will be back in the house tomorrow evening.

~ by namegoeshere on April 22, 2007.

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