Mom’s Meds

I went over tonight as planned – and Mom showed me all the stuff she had been working on. There was some improvement, and some things that looked worse.

Remember the cell phone conversation I had where I suggested that Mom should let Dad use it? Well… Mom had been ‘trying to move the answering machine upstairs’, and had mangled the installation of the phone, callerID box, and answering machine to the point that the phone wasn’t usable. It took me 10 minutes to sort it out. Saying that she did it intentionally would be applying a motive to Mom’s actions that I don’t think she is aware of, but the result was the same – according to Mom, it was a ‘good thing I still had the cell phone…’

Anyway, Mom took her meds without any resistance (once I managed to get her focused on it), and we set her stuff out for tomorrow. I’m going to call her when it is time for her to take her next dose tomorrow morning.

I think I might email Mom’s new shrink and explain a bit about how I used her sjogren’s to convince her to take her meds – maybe he can continue on that line and get real compliance from her.

I’m exhausted mentally, it has been a LONG week. I think I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow to have something easy to deal with for a change.

~ by namegoeshere on April 23, 2007.