Two Days in a Row

That I haven’t gotten a ‘bad’ call from Mom about anything – That’s the longest it has been since January, with the exception of when she was in the hospital.

Which is not to say that I haven’t talked to her, actually I did – three times on Fri. and once today. All were ‘relatively’ normal calls. The first was because Mom and Dad still couldn’t find the keys to the car that Mom ‘misplaced’ (and still thinks that Dad took – see ‘Separation, Day Two‘ for the details). Dad called a tow truck – the first one couldn’t figure out how to get the car out of the garage – so then the auto club suggested he call a locksmith, who could make the keys onsite. They would cover half the cost of the first key. The locksmith arrived, spent quite a while looking through his book, and on the phone to some other higher ranking locksmith, before he told Dad that there were two years of that car that they couldn’t do, and his was one.

Enter another tow truck driver – from the same company as the first, but MUCH more experienced. He got under the car, disconnected the transmission linkage, put it in neutral, and had it on his truck in a matter of minutes. The dealership had a key made within 45 minutes of their arrival. Dad was really impressed with the tow-truck driver – at first he was put off because the guy looked like a tow truck driver (unshaved, long hair, scruffy, somewhat dirty, etc – don’t stereotypes save a lot of time?). During their trip, dad found out that the guy sings in his church choir, and is politically active in the right direction (slow growth/anti real-estate tax increases). Anyway, that adventure started about 9:00 and finished about 4:00, and required two calls to me for additional info on their car, etc. I called them when I got home, because I hadn’t heard how/if it was resolved. The kids also talked to Mom & Dad briefly – mostly to thank them for some stuff they brought back for them.

The other was an excited call from the parking lot of the hardware store – where they were having a yard sale. Dad had gone to the grocery store and left Mom to browse the yard sale. She had to call, as she had never seen a yard sale in a parking lot before, etc.

Two of the calls (one on Friday, and the one from the hardware store) were when Mom was by herself (Dad wasn’t far, but he wasn’t ‘right there’ either. Both of those calls, Mom has been much more ‘worked up’ – not to a bad level, but you can really tell that her level of agitation/excitement/energy is higher. Contrasting that were the other calls, where Dad was in the same room with her – both were normal (Mom is still Mom, but she seemed much more in control).

I’m having trouble describing what I’m observing in mom, as even the psychological descriptions don’t appear to be adequate. If anyone reading this is working on their PhD, let me know and I can provide you with some notes that I have taken that would easily expand to a full thesis. They are cheap right now, but if I expand it too much more I just might publish it myself.


~ by namegoeshere on April 29, 2007.