Birthday Party With or Without Mom?

My youngest’s birthday is this week. We always (at least for the past several years anyway) go out for pizza – just the family, and Mom and Dad. The dilemma is whether or not to invite Mom and Dad, or not.

Here’s why I’m leaning toward inviting them – but taking two separate cars:

  • Mom has been improving, and in my opinion is now about where she was around Christmas last year
  • Dad will be there, and Mom is much more controlled when Dad is around
  • It is a public place, and Mom is much more controlled in public places
  • She has been taking the meds as directed for about 3 weeks now – with only one skipped day
  • She will have had two appointments with her new expert shrink by then

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~ by namegoeshere on May 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Birthday Party With or Without Mom?”

  1. yes, but you have mentioned that your mother doesn’t ‘get along with your wife very well’. Are you willing to have seeing her trigger some sort of violent reaction? Perhaps you don’t realize that 3 weeks in the scheme of things is really not enough time. it can take months to get a bipolar person stabilized. Remember since this is a chemical imbalance disorder 3 weeks is probably nothing. I doubt that you can right a chemical imbalance that quickly. Just something for you to ponder before making your decision. I would hate to come back and read that she came and ruined your son’s birthday as well as embarrassed the whole family in a public place. Not to mention what kind of abuse she may heap on your wife’s head in front of your children. Please remember if your mom is abusive to your wife in front of the children it can undermine your wife’s authority with her children. It wouldn’t really affect your relationship with them so much unless they blamed you fro not protecting them and your wife. However, it can damage your wife’s relationship with the children. They love the grandmother and want to believe good of her, they could be torn between your wife as well as wondering if any of what Grandma is saying is true. I would wait a bit longer before having ‘granny’ around.

  2. What do you wife and kiddos think? Do THEY want her there?

  3. I too am wondering what the rest of your family thinks about this. Does the birthday boy want to have Grandma present? No matter what I hope that the birthday is a roaring success.

  4. Wife of NGH….Son said if MIL was doing better it was okay.

    Wife says No….

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