Interesting and Amusing

Well, that was short lived.

The boys were down the street doing some yard work for a neighbor, and my wife and I went down to check on them as their work ethic hasn’t fully formed yet. After we had made sure that they were working hard enough we walked home. A few steps out of the neighbor’s driveway I noticed that Dad’s truck was parked in front of my house. He was writing a note on the hood – no sign of Mom. (insert sigh of relief here) He had written me a note asking me to see about canceling some plane reservations that I had made for them to fly out to a cousin’s graduation. (the tickets are non-refundable)

Apparently Mom has been off her meds since mid-week last week (before the birthday party), and Dad didn’t find out about it until today. Their drive back last evening took more than twice as long as expected because of traffic, and Mom wasn’t happy about it – for the entire 5 hour drive. Dad’s told me that Mom was at the hairdresser, and that she didn’t know that he was gone yet. Since she would expect him to go to the cabin, he’s going to go down to the beach. He may be back next week, depending on how things go. He also told me that I would ‘probably’ be getting a call from Mom later – which really means I will be getting a dozen or so calls from Mom, at varying levels of hysterics. I expect the average level to be somewhere around ‘super-nova’, since Mother’s day is tomorrow and there is NO way she will get to see the kids.

My wife and I talked to our daughter a bit, and she understands some of what is happening. In past visits with Mom, she has been walking on eggshells, and REALLY WISHES that the boys would be more careful about what they say – as so much can set Mom off. I told her (how much she internalized I don’t know) that it didn’t matter what they said, that Mom was going to get upset about something, and whatever it was was just the most convenient target. We suggested that she may want to keep a separate journal about what she feels and remembers about Mom, and that writing things down can usually help in dealing with it. If she has anything relevant (and if she doesn’t mind), I may post some of it.

On the plus side, blogging will be much more ‘interesting and amusing’ for a while.


~ by namegoeshere on May 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Interesting and Amusing”

  1. Yikes…

    Maybe more interesting blogging, but certainly not a reason one would want to have to blog.

    I hope all works out well and things get back on track.

  2. If mother’s day w/your mom isn’t an option, and I completely understand that, then just make the day about your wife as she’s the one who has blessed you with your children. 🙂

  3. I am reading all of the “about” while lying in bed home from work following a three day bipolar meltdown by my 80 year old mom. I am an RN and even after all these years she tricks me! She will take a “real” physical ailment and utilize it, expand on it, milk it for all it is worth. I vascillate between anger, embarrassment, guilt, and have endured the “looks” from my peers in the medical profession. I have wanted to shout “I know she is crazy” and then the panic and guilt will set in when there is clinical evidence of a health issue. Those medical professionals who haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with her look at me like an uncaring daughter (maybe just me swamped with guilt) it is the perverbial boy who cried wolf! Attention getting, the inability to recall into memory the most recent bipolar rage, the ability to figure out how to call the Dr at home from her hospital bed to report “I need help, I don’t even know where I am, I am so confused!” Then hang up and call me! The muscle spasms that start and stop dependent on witnesses!

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