Run Away, Run Away

Run Away, Run Away – from The Holy Grail, not that I fault Dad for leaving, but by the end of this post, you’ll understand.

Dad called me when he got to the beach house. Since our conversation in front of my house was so short (less than 5 min) there were some other things that had gone on before he left that I just found out about.

Dad left Mom a LONG note before he left – which is a first, usually he just up and leaves. Mom doesn’t think she needs the meds, and that she thinks she is having some of the side effects from them. Her state now is similar to what it was before she was hospitalized (Yikes). Mom just doesn’t believe the shrink(s), and doesn’t think that she has a problem. Dad also doesn’t want Mom to know where he is. He’s not sure if Mom will still want to go to my cousin’s graduation, and if so my wife (NOOOoooo) or I should probably take her to the airport. He’s not sure how long he will be staying – until he ‘sorts something out’. Dad also said that if Mom decides to go there, that he would return home (via the long way).

Dad also asked me to make sure that I remembered to call Mom for mother’s day tomorrow, which I will. I told Dad that before the most recent events I was planning on bringing the kids over for a visit, but that I wasn’t going to now. He told me that Mom would enjoy seeing them, and she would probably be fine for a while – and he’s right. Mom and Dad had been to visit with one of their neighbors earlier today, and Mom was ‘perfectly normal’ while she was there, but when they walked back to their house – look out. That has to be the most disturbing aspect of bipolar disorder, or maybe it is just Mom, I don’t know. I’ve never understood how anyone can go from being normal to ranting maniac in seconds. It works both ways, too. Mom can be in the middle of a tirade that you know will go on for at least another hour, and when the phone rings or someone comes to the door -click- normal. Just like a light switch. Mom does have ‘some’ control over it but I think that her control has faded over time, and has been for quite a few years.

I spent the afternoon at home, expecting (and dreading) THE CALL from Mom. It never came. Every time the phone rang, I stood there waiting for the caller-id to display (or the answering machine to pick up for those *Unknown* numbers). Eventually, the kids and I sallied forth to the Mart of Wall in search of a mother’s day present for my wife. We didn’t get home until late, and didn’t eat until even later – still no call from Mom. So, aside from being on edge the entire afternoon/evening, no problems.

I did get a second call from Dad late – VERY late for Dad – and he told me that Mom had left a message on his answering machine while he was out eating. Mom is at the cabin, which explains why I didn’t hear from her this afternoon. I’m not 100% sure why Mom went to the cabin, but she was chasing Dad. He asked me to let him know if she was heading his way.

I don’t know how this relates to the bipolar diagnosis, but when Mom is ‘up’, she has this perverse need to inflict herself on someone – usually Dad. My wife and I had a good (and needed) laugh over the possibility that Mom may decide to follow Dad to the beach, and Dad would be heading home, and then to the cabin when Mom was heading home, etc. Kinda reminded me of a movie where this unstoppable paperboy chases the hero for two dollars.

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  1. Interesting events. I look forward to reading what happens when Mom finds that Dad isn’t at the cabin. 😆

  2. Mom was at the cabin when she called and left the message for Dad at the beach.

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