Paper Jam and Assistant Pastor

I got a call from Mom while at lunch yesterday. Her fax machine (that I had given them) had a paper jam, and she was in the middle of getting a fax from Dad at the beach. Apparently the pastor at their church at the beach is wanting to hire an assistant pastor/choir director.

I went over after work and cleared the paper jam, and showed Mom how to load more paper, make a copy, & send a fax. After I was done with that, she spent the next hour talking about the situation at their church. And she had ideas – not that I disagree with her on some of them – the custodian and office staff (who have been there for 10+ years should probably get a raise before they hire anyone new), etc. Mom had called down to the church, intending to get the secretary to find out what was going on. Unfortunately (for him, at least) the pastor wasn’t busy, and answered the phone. I’ve never had a theological discussion with Mom before, and really didn’t have one last night – except for hearing about how the preacher was wrong, etc.

I got a message on my cell this evening, that Mom has another question about the fax machine, which ran out of paper. And more on the situation at the church. I’ll probably call her tomorrow about it.

Something to note here is that prior to having the fax problem, she was extremely upset and distressed that she wasn’t able to see the kids, and about the recital, etc. NOTHING about any of that was mentioned. Mom has a mission – a ‘One Woman Crusade’ unless anyone else will temporarily buy into what she is going for. That, and I think that she is trying to prove that she can manage on her own.


~ by namegoeshere on June 6, 2007.