While We Were Out…

When we were out of town for the weekend, Mom filled our answering machine. Twice. And left me half-a-dozen voicemails on my cell.

I did answer when Dad called and talked with him for a few minutes. He had some questions about what Mom had said to him. I told him again that it wasn’t true, and that if Mom says something that’s hard to believe, then he should probably just not believe it – and he doesn’t need to verify it at all. I don’t need to check with him to make sure that he hasn’t been beating Mom, etc.

One of the things that Mom was upset about was that Dad had called her shrink, who had returned his call and left him a message. Mom picked up the message and it just fed into her paranoia. Mom had been really hyper on the first message that she left for the kids on Saturday, and Dad had gotten one of them too. Dad told the shrink about it, and when he called back he said that if Mom was that up, she would probably end up back in the hospital. She’s also upset that Dad told her (according to her) that she couldn’t go to the beach – what he really said was that if she was coming down, he would go somewhere else and that he didn’t want to be around her.

On Sunday, Mom went up to the cabin – and dropped some stuff off on our porch. Mostly it was kids clothes – and papers. She had copied all sorts of stuff and made notes on it. There were papers about her allergies (which is her current fixation) as well as Sjogren’s. She had stuck post-its on the papers explaining why they were important.

I talked to her on Monday, and heard about her trip to the cabin, and how she had to bush-hog the field, and the shredded one of the rain buckets, and almost hit the propane tank. And that nobody wants her to be happy because she felt good but when she let people know that she felt good they wanted to check her into the hospital again – and everyone is against her except for my aunt and one cousin, and how she is getting such wonderful care from the allergist and the diet that he put her on is making a lot of difference. She is also upset that their anniversary is coming up this weekend and Dad doesn’t want to spend it with her.

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  1. can anyone with a brain blame him?

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