Primary Voting & Repercussions

Tuesday was a primary election in our county, so when I got home from work, we all went to vote – My wife and I vote, and the kids just watch, but usually get stickers anyway. When we got out of the car at the poll I saw Mom coming out. Great. After a half-second pause, we walked over and spent about 15 minutes talking to her before we went in and voted. During that time, we heard all about a neighbor’s graduation that she went to, and her allergist again, and all sorts of other stuff. Mom did 99.5% of the talking during that time. The kids each gave her a hug before we went in. None of them were very happy to see her – she makes them nervous.

Later that evening, my wife and I were talking, and she remembered that Mom had to ask for a hug from the kids – and accurately predicted that we would be hearing about it later.

Sho-nuff, I got a call later complaining about how the kids hadn’t been happy to see her (ya think?) and that she had to ASK them for a hug, etc.

Mom is still planning on going to the beach this weekend, even if Dad doesn’t want her there.s

~ by namegoeshere on June 13, 2007.

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  1. yep, a hospital would give you all a break for a few days.

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