Unwelcome Visitor

Mom called a few times over – mostly minor stuff about her allergies, and to complain how the kids acted at the poll. I picked up her call while I was walking to the office from lunch, and got about half-an-hour of allergy related stuff. As I got back to my building, and after I had told her that I had to go at least twice, she asked to take the kids to the pool. I told her no, and that set her off (what else is new). A few hours later, my wife (who was out, fortunately) got a call from our neighbor, and directed him to me. Mom was at my house. Apparently she had knocked on the door, and looked in all the windows, and tried the door on the car, and looked in our mailbox. I tried her cell, which went straight to voicemail. I tried Dad at the beach-busy. After alternating both numbers, I finally got a hold of Dad. He tried to make some excuse as to why she was there, and when I told him about the mailbox, he said he would call her back and then hung up. I got a call from Mom while I was on my way home, to let me know just how messy our house looked, etc. I interrupted about 15 seconds into the call I interrupted her and told her that If she needed to talk I would call her later, but she had better NOT be at my house when I got home (she had already left by the time she called).

After Dad had called her back, she had gone next-door and confronted my neighbor about staying out of family business. She also claimed to have just ‘dropped by’, and that she was cleaning glass up from the street in front of our mailbox. My wife got home after I did, and later that evening we went to see our neighbor. She had said some fairly rude things to him (attributing them to us, of course) and threatened him with some sort of lawsuit for not minding his own business. We explained a bit more of what was going on, and in addition to snooping around our house and looking in our mailbox, she also took my shovel. I have no idea why she would have taken it.

Needless to say, we didn’t answer any of the other calls from her that evening (or the five that she left on my cell’s voice mail between 1:30 and 2:00am) They are pretty nasty as well – can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want their kids around someone like that.

I got another message on Friday from Mom, that she was going down to have dinner with Dad at some special function or something. And another message on Saturday from Mom that she and Dad had a nice time, and she was going to the beach house with him.

Not sure exactly what this means – but I expect that by Tuesday that Dad will have had enough and one of them will have left. Fathers day tomorrow should be interesting as well.

~ by namegoeshere on June 16, 2007.