Happy Fathers Day

My fathers day started with a voicemail from Mom a little before 1:00 am. It started with ‘you won’t do anything for your Dad because all you do is cause hate and discontent’ and progressed through a criticism of my wife, how we are raising the kids, our religious decisions, our friends and associates, and ended with threats to take us to court if she can’t see the kids.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

I got a call while we were on our way to church this morning. It was Mom – oh joy. She started about how dad had left the house crying since I hadn’t called him for fathers day (it wasn’t even 11:00 yet) – so I just hung up. I got another call a few minutes later – after she realized that she was talking to dead air, which I sent to my voicemail.

When I listened to the message later, she called me a spineless jellyfish, and then criticized my wife some more, and how we are raising our daughter. Then she started trying to guilt me with all the stuff they have given etc. Which for some reason usually starts from well before I was born – go figure.

I called Dad early this afternoon – less than two hours after Mom left the voicemail – and Mom answered. She was ‘normal’ and we only spoke long enough to determine that Dad was outside, but she would take the cell out to him and I would call back in a few minutes. I called back, and talked for about 15 min or so – to just Dad. Mom was constantly going on in the background about stuff relevant to Dad’s side of the conversation, but not yelling or angry. No mention of why he was crying earlier. (FYI, he wasn’t – Mom just says crap like that to get a reaction)

~ by namegoeshere on June 17, 2007.

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  1. I wish there was a legal way to put her out of her misery.

  2. Unfortunately the law is very clear – the only way someone can be committed against their will is if they are a danger to themselves or others, or are unable to perform the basic activities of daily life (washing themselves, feeding themselves, etc).
    Since Mom has been regularly threatening legal action, I checked into the law here. If both natural parents are in agreement, the only way someone else can force any kind of visitation is if there is abuse or neglect. Not that she will ever follow through with any of her threats, but just in case…

  3. It has been a long while since my University class days, but I wonder if there is not something more than Manic Depression here!

    I keep you and the family in my prayers constantly.

  4. It’s called ‘comorbidity’ and is relatively common. Since psychology is so inexact, many labels can apply to the same behaviors. I’m sure that there are at least half-a-dozen other labels that could apply, including hypochondria and personality disorder – but I think that if she ever gets treatment for the bipolar, the others will go as well. Weather they are ’caused’ by the bipolar, or the same root cause gives symptoms of both is a job for a researcher.

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