Failed Prediction & ‘Collector of Injustices’

I had guessed earlier that Dad would leave by Tuesday. I was wrong, and I’m sorry. He left some time around 4:00pm on Wednesday. Close enough for meteorology anyway.

Mom started leaving nasty messages Monday morning – and by morning I mean 2:00am. Two on my cell, and later that day filled the answering machine at home, and then more on my cell. Truly evil stuff geared solely for getting a reaction. She didn’t get one from me, I let all her calls go to voicemail. This continued on Tuesday – another full answering machine and several more messages on my cell. She was saying the same stuff each call, with a few different twists to keep it from getting monotonous. Wednesday was a bit slower – again, a filled answering machine at home (which we have since set to 1 min. messages) two calls to work, and a few on my cell. The only entertaining call was one where she dialed my number, and then forgot and walked outside holding the phone. It was an interesting, fly-on-the-wall type look at what goes on between her and Dad. I may include more detail later, but it wasn’t overly pleasant.

I called down on Wednesday evening to talk to Dad. Mom answered, and I was able to get off without too much trouble. She said that she would leave a message for Dad, but that he hadn’t been there since 4:00 that afternoon, and he would miss his doctor’s appointment Thursday if he didn’t come back, but that she wasn’t going to miss hers even if he didn’t get back.

A few things to note about the messages from the past few days – Mom mentioned something about us owing money to the dentist. My wife called the dentist. It appears that they had sent a bill out that would have arrived about the time Mom went through our mailbox. Mom had also called the dentist, who fortunately wouldn’t give out any information.

Mom also said that she had hired a private investigator to investigate us, that she was taking us to court over stuff, and that she was going to sue my wife to have her last name removed. And she said that she had called CPS to report us for mistreating the kids by not allowing them to see her. DING DING DING – We have a winner. Even though I don’t think she would do any of that, that last one can’t be ignored. I’m taking a day off to go and talk to CPS to make sure that they know they are dealing with a crazy person. When I put in for leave and told my boss about it, he laughed and said that it was funny. Then he corrected himself and said that it was funny, just not for me.

Another note of interest – the FBI has recently completed their profile of the VA Tech shooter. They said he is a ‘collector of injustices’. Because the report is so fresh, the signal-to-noise ratio from the search engines won’t let me find out any solid information on that. If my assumptions about that are correct, then Mom is one of those as well. Nothing that is bad is ever forgotten, and gets exaggerated. Nothing good is ever remembered, and if it is, it gets minimized. She gets offended easily (and sometimes permanently) over things that she perceives were wrongs done to other people, and takes them on as her own.

I checked Dad’s house on the way home from work this evening, and he wasn’t there. I expect that he will call or stop by when he comes into town – unless Mom decides to come back before he does.


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  1. Update:
    In my perusal of stuff on ‘collectors of injustices’ I found the following that may be of interest:

    Psychology Today – How to recognize it early

    Chronic Mothering – Mom displays many of these symptoms

    Dysfunctional Families – Check off all of those characteristics

    It sounds like that aspect of Mom’s personality may be being amplified by the bipolar – which would explain why other bipolar people don’t have the same issues Mom does.

  2. Your dad has all his guns locked up, right???

  3. When Mom first went off her meds, Dad had me remove them from the house. Not that she would do anything physically violent – then who would listen to her ‘air her grievances’.
    And besides, if she were determined to injure someone, she would have more than sufficient means with nothing but the car.

  4. I am glad the guns are safe.

    My heart just aches for you.

  5. too bad she isn’t suicidal and doesn’t just put herself out of misery. Sorry, but the woman makes insanity look good. She is so much like my exhusband. I’m so glad that I don’t have to deal with that stuff much anymore.

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