Federal Offence

Still haven’t heard from Dad, so I left a message at their house, and at the beach. Then Mom called. Same stuff, but now she’s blaming all her problems on allergies to foods (she still doesn’t think she has a mental/emotional problem, but has an excuse anyway). She can’t believe that everyone wants her to have mental problems, and that shrinks only take money and prescribe drugs that only hurt people. Eventually she hung up on me, and when I immediately called her back she was driving, and couldn’t talk because she needed to pay attention to the road – go figure.

We did find out some other stuff about the dentist’s bill that she removed from our mailbox. When I was talking to her, she asked why we had an unpaid balance of $20 (the difference between what the Dr guessed what the insurance would pay, and what they actually paid). In the meantime, my wife had called the dentist and found out that Mom had called them and had been relatively nasty when they wouldn’t give her our billing history even though she had our patient numbers. I bet that we are the only people that now have password protected dental records. My wife went to the post office and we are now having our mail forwarded to a PO box, just in case. We could send her to jail for a minimum of 2 years if we chose to pursue it. If we were as bad as she has been repeatedly telling us, we would have. Someday Mom might realize that too(no, I’m not holding my breath).

I’ve spent a good bit of time this evening preparing copies of messages that Mom has left recently to take with us when we go to CPS next week. I have to take frequent breaks from it, as it is VERY draining to listen to.

As to the ‘Collector of Injustices’ from yesterday: That is NOT a psychological disorder but a personality trait, similar to introverted/extroverted. Everyone does that to some degree, and the unhealthy level is entirely environmentally caused. That aspect of the VA Tech shooter’s personality was important in understanding WHY he did it, but was not the cause of his actions. Most people who focus on negative things to the exclusion of everything else end up bitter and alone for obvious reasons – and Mom is getting very close to bitter and alone now. And, it is NEVER their fault. Nothing ever is, and convincing them otherwise is nearly impossible.

~ by namegoeshere on June 23, 2007.

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  1. My MIL is a collector of injustices. We don’t go around her.

  2. Welcome to my world.

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