Since Mom had threatened to call (actually she told us that she already had called) Child Protective Services, we paid them a visit. Equipped with a CD player and some other stuff, we ventured into the bureaucracy. My wife was still talking to the woman behind the counter when I got in, and found someone that would deal with us. A short wait (in the first waiting room without a TV that I’ve been to in years) and then we were taken to a private office for an interview.

The social worker was nice, and it took a few minutes before she finally understood that we were not there to file a report on Mom. She was quite convinced that their front line screeners would be able to tell that a call from Mom was just an unfounded complaint – but eventually admitted the possibility that Mom could be convincing enough to start an investigation. She explained the entire process of how an investigation proceeded, and what would happen at each step. She also put our interview in their computer so that if anyone started an investigation, it would automatically be attached to it. She also told us that if an investigation turned out to be unfounded, we would be able to request all the information that was used to start it. It would be up to a judge to decide if it were malicious.

We got a few more messages on our answering machine, and my cell phone. None were ‘normal’. In one of them, Mom had called from the vacation bible school class that she is helping with so the kids ‘could hear the singing’. She said that she has everyone there praying that my wife and I will ‘come to our senses’ and let the kids visit them.


~ by namegoeshere on June 26, 2007.

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  1. perhaps after she comes to her sense? which we all know will never happen.

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