An Aside

I was taking a break and looked at the stats of the blog today. I’m always interested in what search terms people used to find it.

A few people used the term ‘Collector of Injustices’ – and when I punched it into google, this blog is the second site (wow).

Others used the term ‘Truly Evil Mothers’ – which appears at #13 for that term on google.

Someone other truly sick individual searched for the term ‘cut off penis’. Google thankfully doesn’t return this blog on the first two pages.

And for the person looking for ‘answering machine funny psych disorder’ try this out.


~ by namegoeshere on June 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “An Aside”

  1. 😆
    Thank you for laughs. We all need to laugh now and again, you certainly helped with that tonight.

  2. I took another look at my blog stats, and someone had searched for ‘recinded’. When I did it, it came up as the 2nd hit in google. Wow, I’m impressed – or I was until I realized that the spelling was wrong.

    I fixed it.

    Don’t you laugh, you didn’t point it out.

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