Independence Day

I’m just anxiously coasting until they get the letter. I’m sure I’ll hear about it nearly instantly.

For some reason, I’ve had the Martina McBride ‘Independence Day’ chorus rattling around in my head all day.

I was expecting to title today’s entry ‘fireworks’, but since Mom only left us three messages it just didn’t seem appropriate. I’m sure that’ll come later.

Mom’s messages are looking really interesting now that I’ve got a few weeks worth on the computer. I can sort them by date/time to tell which phone she called and when. For example, lets take June 20th. – which was the day that Dad decided to leave. I’m not sure why his leaving would have stopped the calls, usually it’s the other way around. I’ve tried to see if there is any discernible pattern to the calls, but so far it appears truly random.

  1. 6:52am she called our house
  2. 7:05am she called my work
  3. 9:41am she called our house
  4. 9:49am she called my cell
  5. 9:50am she called our house
  6. 11:05am she called my work
  7. 11:12am she called our house
  8. 11:16am she called our house again (answering machine was set to 3 minutes)
  9. 3:46pm she called my work
  10. 3:49pm she called my cell

I did have an interesting conversation with my son yesterday about what is going on. He is really confused about why Dad can’t see that Mom has a problem, and won’t do anything about it. I explained that first off, Dad has grown used to it because it started slowly and has built up over the years. And, Dad has been using a pattern that has been relatively successful in dealing with it – appeasement primarily. The longer you continue to use a pattern, the harder it is to change. I think that part of Mom’s problem is that she got into the pattern of mulling over negative things, and that this is the result of it. That’s why it is important to really try hard to remember good things – not that you forget the bad things, but that most of your thinking should be on good stuff.

I used a really simple example to illustrate it. I had him cross his arms – and then asked him why he crossed them that way (right over left) – he didn’t know. I asked him to cross them the other way, which he did – but with a little difficulty. I explained that crossing arms is like a pattern. It’s done without thinking, and doing anything different takes more effort and just doesn’t feel right. It is always more comfortable and easier to go back to an old pattern than to start a new one. Which is a good thing for all of us to be reminded of occasionally.


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  1. Yesterday would have been an interesting day to get that call. I’m sure that we’ll be reading about it here after it does happen.

    Maybe I’ll be able to see the “fire works” from Alaska when they do get the letter & cd. 😀

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