A Messenger

About two weeks ago, one of Mom’s neighbors came over. He had talked to Mom a few times recently on the phone, and was concerned that Mom might try to hurt herself. It took a little digging, but it appears that he has those concerns because of how Mom was talking to him, not anything in particular that she had said. Mom had been uncharacteristically quiet during their last conversation, and was very distracted and difficult to talk to. Normally it would have been difficult for him to get a word in edgewise.

I considered a few options and settled on calling someone at the beach who could check on her. I had a family friend in mind who could ‘drop in’ and not arouse suspicion. His profession before he retired would also give him a good idea of what to look for. It was too late to call him that evening, so I was planning on calling him the net day.

BUT…. Mom left me another message that was typical of the type of messages that she has been leaving over the past several months. Paranoid, malevolent, vile, and manipulative – good ol’ Mom. So I decided that she was probably just having an off hour or so when she talked to the neighbor.

Also, according to the neighbor, Mom and Dad have been communicating via answering machine. Mom leaves a message on Dad’s cell (he never answers it), and Dad leaves a message on their home answering machine – which Mom calls and checks several times a day.

On the homefront, everything has been pretty quiet. With the new numbers, nobody jumps when the phone rings. My wife and the kids are no longer constantly on edge, their stress has dropped dramatically, and everyone is enjoying the rest of the summer.

~ by namegoeshere on August 23, 2007.