Second-Hand Information

I heard from my cousin last week. My Aunt & Uncle (the same ones who were here before) were going to go to the beach to see Mom and Dad. My cousin tried calling Dad, but only got his voicemail – sometimes cell service is spotty at the cabin, and sometimes Dad just leaves the phone off. After a few unsuccessful tries, she finally broke down and called Mom. Mom was at the beach alone, and Dad had gone to the cabin right after their last guests had left. That seems to be Dad’s pattern, show up for guests, and leave when nobody else is there. I don’t think he can deal with Mom alone – or he tolerates her long enough to keep up appearances.

According to Mom, Dad told her that she could have everything if she would just leave him alone at the cabin. When she showed up at the cabin a few days later, Dad was ‘So happy to see her that he asked her to stay’. That was from a conversation between Mom and my Aunt, and I guarantee that Mom was gloating. She can’t contain it when she finally nags/guilts/pesters/annoys people into giving her what she wants. And the longer it takes to break someone down, the more proud she is about it.

Mom and Dad went back down to the beach together, as Mom was having more medical tests run and needed Dad to get her to/from the appointments. I think (and my cousin agrees) that Mom’s medical needs are a front, but possibly a good sign that she recognizes that she needs help.

I expect that Dad will probably head back to the cabin a few days after my Aunt and Uncle leave.

It has been a few days since I’ve heard anything from Mom – she must be busy elsewhere.

~ by namegoeshere on August 30, 2007.