My wife and I were walking across the street to our neighbor’s house, when she spotted a truck coming up the road. I’d seen it too. It was Dad, and there was someone with him. (gasp)

He turned around in the intersection and pulled up to where we were standing in the street. It wasn’t Mom that was with him (insert a big sigh of relief here) . He rolled down the window and introduced us to his friend, who had been a police officer, and who Dad had been supporting for the local Sheriff at the beach. He was up this way for a vacation, and had stopped by. Dad had taken him around to show him the local sights. We chatted for a few minutes – definitely less than 5 – and he left.

During that brief conversation, there are a few interesting things to note:

  • Dad was himself, and looked well and well rested.
  • He made a point to say hello to my wife, and introduce her to his friend.
  • His truck had some damage to the passenger mirror that looked like he had hit a mailbox with it – Mom had done it with a bottle! My wife and I disagree about what other damage he mentioned, I heard the license plate bracket, she heard the grill – we both heard that it was also damaged by Mom.
  • He said that Mom had been doing better for the last few days, but then all of a sudden ‘whammo’.
  • My wife told him that the kids had been wanting to go for pizza some time, and that he was invited.

When I turned my cell on this afternoon, I had 4 messages from Mom – I listened to them this evening. Apparently she knew that Dad’s friend was coming up, and demanded that the kids and I go over to see them. She also heard about the kids and I talking to Dad on Christmas – which she said must be because we are having car problems and need Dad to give us another car or a loan or something. That, in addition to the usual tripe.

~ by namegoeshere on January 6, 2008.

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  1. Thank the Lord it was not this lady or it could have been much worse! Trust me on that!

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