Another call from Dad’s Neighbor

Dad’s neighbor called me again today. I think he may finally be getting an idea of just how bad Mom is.

He told me that Dad had gone to the cabin, and that he had talked to Mom and told her the same thing. Mom got upset, and said that she was going to go to the cabin to ‘get’ Dad – whatever that means. He was emphatic that I was to keep his name out of it if possible, and that Dad should be warned. He also told me that Mom had been doing well (at least while she was talking to him) for a few weeks, and that he didn’t know what happened or why that would make her angry.

I’ve been asked the same question a few times today, and I don’t know why Dad going to the cabin would make Mom angry either. I think it more likely that Mom was going to be angry, and that is a convenient target for whatever reason.

I tried calling Dad a few times this afternoon – both on his cell, and at the cabin. His cell rang once, then clicked for a while before hitting voicemail. The cabin doesn’t have an answering machine, so it just rang.

~ by namegoeshere on January 9, 2008.