Out with Dad and the Boys

I called Dad last week to see if he wanted to go to our church’s men’s night, which the boys and I have taken him to the past several years – except last year when he and Mom were on holiday. He was pleased, so we went over and picked him up this afternoon. I had forgotten my camera, and when I called my wife to see if I had left it, I noticed that I had missed a call from Dad’s neighbor – about 10 minutes before we picked him up. I left Dad & the boys there while I went home to get the camera, and called him from the road.

His concerns were basically the same as he had before – that Dad had been cleaning leaves out of the ditch with his hands, and that Mom seemed to be getting better again. This from the man that called me a week ago to warn Dad that Mom might be going to the cabin after him. He was also concerned about Dad’s finances, and suggested that I talk to Dad about how to protect them when they die. I told him that I had talked to Dad when I flew out to help him get Mom home, and that my focus then was to somehow protect Mom from herself it something happened to Dad. I also told him that Dad’s money was his own, and that since he had earned it throughout his life, I felt it was appropriate if he used it during his life for whatever would make him happy. And that I had a decent education and good job, and I wasn’t expecting or asking for anything from Dad. Hopefully this will somehow get back to Mom during one of his conversations with her. If he does mention it to her, I expect he will get quite an earful.

During my conversation with Dad’s neighbor, Mom called – which I didn’t switch over to. I listened to that message on the way back from picking up the camera. It was basically the same as usual – the gist of it was that she knew that I was taking Dad to the event, and that the last time, my Daughter spent the afternoon with Mom, and that it was a shame that I didn’t take my daughter also, since Mom knew that there were other girls that attended.

I did get to talk to dad a little, and found out some of the things that have been happening. He hasn’t actually talked to Mom in over a week. He turns his cell and the house phone off before he goes to bed. He leaves a message for Mom every day by calling the house phone (HIS house phone, since Mom checks the messages there frequently). It took him almost three weeks to straighten up the house, since Mom had taken everything out and put it in little piles strewn throughout the house. We talked about other stuff to, and I made sure that HE was the one who brought up anything about Mom.

We all had a good time – including Dad, and I dropped him off at his house. I did ask that he talk to his neighbor to put his mind at ease about Dad’s health (both physical and mental). He called me about an hour after I got home to ask me to come over sometime tomorrow to show him how to change the pin number on his cell phone voicemail – since Mom checks that too. Hopefully that will keep her from changing the voice menu prompts to Spanish again.

~ by namegoeshere on January 13, 2008.