The Kids and I visit Dad

I called Dad this afternoon to see when he wanted me to come over to change the code on his cell phone voicemail. Between yesterday and today he had changed his mind. He did ask that if I had a few minutes he would like to see my daughter, which he hasn’t seen in quite a while.

So I took all three kids over for a visit with Dad. He was sweeping leaves off the driveway when we arrived. His overly concerned neighbor was also outside – hopefully he got a chance to talk to him and reassure him. We had just gotten out of the car and were standing in the driveway when Dad got a call on his cell. It was from a friend who was with Mom at a flea market. They talked for a minute, and Dad asked if it would be OK if my daughter talked to Mom. I told him no, and his conversation lasted another few minutes.

When he was done, we went inside and visited for about two hours. The house had been straightened up – and that is significant if you know Mom. The subject of Mom was never brought up. The visit went fine – nothing of any importance, just a nice visit with Dad. On our way out, I did offer to change the voicemail pin if he needed, but he still didn’t think it was necessary.

It does disturb me that he even asked if my daughter could talk to Mom.

~ by namegoeshere on January 14, 2008.