Dad’s Cell Phone & Mom’s Smoke Alarm

I haven’t heard from Dad since last weekend. I was contemplating calling him this evening – I had a tax form that he had asked me to download since he couldn’t get it at the local library or post office. Early this afternoon, my phone rang from Dad’s cell. It wasn’t him, it was Mom. She was having a problem with the smoke detector at the beach. Apparently Dad had been down last week, and had ‘left’ his cell phone. I’m not sure if that means he had forgotten it, or if Mom had hidden it until he had left, or badgered him into leaving it, or what. What I am sure of is that I really have no way of getting in touch with him short of driving over to his house. Which isn’t all that much more difficult than before, as I won’t leave a message because Mom checks them all frequently.

Mom only left me one message this week – on Saturday morning. I finally listened to it today, prior to getting the call from her. What she had to say was typically unkind, and merely served to reinforce that I really want NOTHING to do with her. At all.

Trying to figure out Dad is a bit more difficult. He has made NO attempt to contact me since he sent me the letter in July. All the times that I have talked him in the last month have been initiated by me. I really wouldn’t care, but it seems like if he had any interest in seeing his grandchildren, that HE should have called – especially after the last several weeks where I have shown that I am not keeping the kids from him.

~ by namegoeshere on January 22, 2008.