Dad’s Neighbor Again

I missed a call from Dad’s neighbor the other day, so I called him back again today. He told me that Dad had gone to the beach on Saturday, and came back on Sunday. He had talked to Mom, and she claimed that she had behaved herself while Dad was down, but that he just got up and left before breakfast on Sunday morning. I’m not sure if he believes it, but I certainly don’t. I’d be surprised to find out that Dad was able to sleep at all.

He also told me about one of his grandkids that had been diagnosed with ADHD, but that after a year or so of medication he was doing fine. He had been able to advance a full grade ahead of his class, and was enrolled in the honors classes at school. He asked if my youngest still had a reading problem, and that it would be worth it to get him tested. All I would have to do is mention it to Dad, and he was sure that Dad would write a check for the testing and treatment.

He also told me that he really thought that Mom was doing better, and that she was glad to have talked to me yesterday. I told him that the only reason I answered the phone was because I thought it was Dad.

It’s obvious that Dad’s neighbor tends to believe Mom, as she has always had a problem with my youngest. Yes, if we had him tested earlier, he probably would have been diagnosed as being ADHD, but in my eyes his behavior was just ‘normal, active boy’ stuff. He has since either grown out of it, or learned to control it…. most of the time, anyway. Mom has always had a problem when she would try to get him to read to her. My daughter and older son didn’t have any issue, but my youngest didn’t like the criticism of how he pronounced words, and positively refused to read anything for her ever. Mom took that as meaning that he couldn’t read, not that he just didn’t want to read for HER.

I also assume that the comment about Dad paying for testing was also because of Mom’s assumption that we have perpetual financial because of my wife. In reality, it is a reflection of how much she values money and ascribes her value as a person to wealth. I also think that at some level she realizes that nobody is really troubled by the lack of contact with her, and she is trying to justify some reason that we would ‘have to come crawling back to her’ (her words on numerous occasions)

~ by namegoeshere on January 23, 2008.