New Addition to my Blogroll

I noticed several incoming links from Jane, and popped over to take a look. Her blog is, and is worth a read if you aren’t offended by strong language.

Her story is definitely worth a read as well. She had an extremely traumatic childhood and adolescence, and went the standard route of psychology/psychiatry. Eventually she found a formula for self-therapy that worked for her, and she was able to recover.

Her route to wellbeing worked well for her, and I tend to agree with her that many mental health diagnosis are just convenient labels, and that meds are a convenient way of ‘treatment’ that doesn’t work. In a nutshell, she was misdiagnosed because the doctors needed a label for her. Because she wasn’t helped by the psychiatric meds, and her recovery was entirely drug free, she is anti-meds.

I don’t think, however, that any of her mental issues had a biological basis, but that they were all caused by trauma in her life. The med-free route MAY work for people in her situation, but there are people whose mental illness is partially or totally biological/genetic, and for those people meds may be the only effective treatment.


~ by namegoeshere on January 23, 2008.