Another ‘Gift’ from Mom

My daughter got another package in the mail from Mom. She really wasn’t anxious to open it – not at all, actually. I think she would have been happy had it just sat there on the table. Eventually, we did open it. It contained a shirt, fuzzy house socks & gloves, and a little notebook, which Mom had predictably written in the first few pages of. Some highlights of her note are:

  • We will never recover the 8 months you haven’t been able to share your love with me
  • I think of you all day – every day
  • Your parents will have to answer for their cruelty to me – some day – Believe me.
  • I am a Christian – So I guess they won’t want to share Heaven with me!

Some interesting things about the note – notice that my daughter hasn’t been able to share her love with my mother – that seems somewhat distorted – almost reversed, and definitely selfish. I don’t doubt that Mom thinks about my daughter ‘all day – every day’, I believe that because I know how obsessed she is with her.

My daughter opened the notebook enough to see that there was a note in there, and asked us to take those pages out. She didn’t want to read it. I talked it over with my wife, and we weren’t convinced that we needed to keep any future packages away from the kids – My daughter, however, decided that she didn’t want anything else from Mom. We will be refusing any future packages that arrive.


~ by namegoeshere on January 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another ‘Gift’ from Mom”

  1. I can’t say I blame your daughter, I wouldn’t either but what a tough thing for her to realize, that she doesn’t want them. It reminds me of a line in “Finding Neverland”, I can’t remember it word for word but something about look, in the last 30 seconds you have changed into a man.

  2. I’m really proud of the way she has been handling the whole thing. We started explaining it to her when she was about 4, and noticed that my Mom wasn’t always nice. To her credit, she has never taken advantage of it, and I know that she easily could have. My Mom would have given her just about anything that she asked for. I remember once we had to convince her that even if she got a pony, we couldn’t keep it in our apartment.

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