Dad going to the Beach Again

I Had some stuff to drop off for Dad, but he wasn’t home when I went by, so I left it on the porch. He called me a few hours later to thank me, he had run an errand when I was by. He also asked if he could take my daughter out to diner, since he had spent some time with just the boys. Both she and my son hadn’t been feeling well, so he’ll call about rescheduling in a week or so.

Dad left for the beach today. He’s going to be down there for about a week dealing with a contractor who is working on the house – for some reason Mom can’t seem to do it. Hopefully he won’t ‘forget’ his cell phone this time.

I talked to my daughter, and she isn’t sure how she feels about going out to diner with Dad. I have no intention of letting any of them alone with him until I find out why he even asked if they could talk to Mom when she called while we were there. It’s one thing for me to tell him no, it’s another entirely to put them in the position where they would have to do it themselves.

I also took some time this afternoon to collect the voicemail messages that Mom has left over the past several weeks. It isn’t an easy thing to do. After having gone for a while without actually listening to them, playing them and actually listening puts me in a foul mood. It’s one thing to intellectually realize that she’s crazy, but another entirely to really hear what she is saying. Kind of like the zoo keeper trying to say ‘it’s just normal behavior’ while his arm is being gnawed on. A few hours later, and the mood will pass, and I’ll no longer want her to self-immolate.


~ by namegoeshere on January 28, 2008.