Procrastination: No better time than the present

I got a call from Dad on Wednesday – he had not gone to the beach (he didn’t give a reason). He also asked me if I could make him a copy of Mom’s hospital report from when they were on holiday. It took me a while to find, but I made a copy on Friday, and was going to take it over to him while I was out running a few errands today. I also was going to call last evening to let him know what I was going to do. I really need to talk to him face to face, so that I can let him know about Mom’s packages and notes, as well as to just see where he stands emotionally right now.

BUT…. Stuff happened last evening, and I didn’t get around to calling him. He left me a message while I was in the shower this morning, letting me know that he was going to the beach today. I called him back, and he was already on the road. We talked for about a minute – maybe two. He has set up a few appointments for Mom, which he will take her to while he is there. He said that if she won’t take any meds, maybe talking to someone a few times a week will help. He also expects that they BOTH will be back in about two weeks.

I really hope he can accomplish something this time, and that he isn’t just getting sucked back into some kind of wishful thinking trap. Realistically, I expect Mom will probably start that whole Sjogrens syndrome stuff again – either that or allergies, unless she has found some new disorder. Depending on her mood, which is extremely unstable judging from the messages that I have been getting, Dad will probably put up with it for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before removing himself from it again. I hope that it gets to that level while they are still at the beach. I really don’t want to deal with Mom if she does make it all the way home.

~ by namegoeshere on February 3, 2008.

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  1. I wonder why he feels the need to try to ‘fix’ her? There is no fixing to be had, I know that you know this but why doesn’t he? I’m not sure I would want to put myself within her reach while she is unstable. Will be praying for your dad’s safety.

  2. It’s easy for you or I to say that there is no fixing without her consent (or a judge’s order). It’s another thing entirely to be there. They have been married for over 50 years, and I think Mom’s symptoms initially came on gradually, which allowed Dad to become accustomed to them. You wouldn’t hesitate to run into a burning building to save a child – even if the child were the one that started the fire. I assume that he isn’t concerned with any risk to himself, and that he feels he has no choice other than to try and help.

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