Cleaning Out

Dad called on Thursday of last week, to let me know that Mom had been cleaning and that she had some of my stuff from college. He asked if he could bring it over some time on Saturday, and pick up a jacket that had been my Brothers, that they had loaned to my boys. We had arranged (or so I thought) that Dad would call some time Saturday morning to let me know when he would be by. I waited around until around noon, and left to run some errands, since I hadn’t heard from Dad. While I was out, he called to let me know that he was in the neighborhood, and had the stuff to drop off. I told him that I was out, so he left it on my front porch and would pick up the jacket later.

Well, the weekend slipped by, and since Today was a holiday for me, we went out with the kids. I had one call from Mom, letting me know that Dad has gone back down to the beach. He has some doctors appointments and things. According to her, I was rude to have stood up my father like that.

She also thinks that I did it intentionally, so that I wouldn’t have to give back the jacket that my boys probably destroyed. After all, they were very generous in loaning it to them, even though my son was ‘too fat to be able to get it to zipper’. What a kind and loving grandmother my kids have…

~ by namegoeshere on February 19, 2008.

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  1. I am really beginning to hate this women. That is not the love of a grandmother.

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