A Short Visit With Dad

I got a message from Dad this morning. He’s back in town, and Mom is back at the beach. He asked if I would come by some time and bring the papers for him. He said that it may be a good idea if we changed his cell phone’s pin so that Mom can’t manage his messages any more.

I tried calling him back, but both his cell and the house phone rang and then went to voicemail.

So, on my way out running some errands, I stopped by. He was at home, and was disappointed that I hadn’t brought the kids. We talked for about an hour or so. Mostly about the goings on with the remodeling they are doing at the beach, and other gossipy stuff. I gave him the copy of the Dr. report as well as the jacket that Mom had asked for (still in the dry-cleaning bag)

He said that Mom had gone to the beach earlier this week, and shortly after that he had come back up. He just can’t be around her for more than a little while at a time. I showed him how to check the text messages on his phone (Mom will sometimes leave a text message in addition to the voicemail). He decided that it would just be a source of irritation to Mom if he changed his cell pin #. I told him that it really wouldn’t matter, because Mom was going to be angry at something else if he didn’t. I did add my number to his contacts, so that my name pops up when I call him.

While the topic of conversation was on Mom, he mentioned that my Aunt (who had to deal with this with my grandmother) suggested that he just go to court and get Mom a conservatorship. Dad (rightly, IMHO) said that there is no way that a judge would find her incompetent at this point. The shrink at the hospital when they were on holiday said that she would be there for 2-3 months, and she was out in 9 days. There are periods of time when Mom can control herself to appear mostly normal, and the legal requirements are so narrowly defined, I just don’t see this as a possibility without something else extreme happening.

During the hour that I was there, Dad got 4 calls – 2 on the house phone and 2 on his cell – all from Mom. On my way out, he said that Mom had left some stuff for the kids. He had gone through it, and there were no notes or anything. He would appreciate it if I would take it, even if I dropped it off at the Salvation Army on my way home.

I’ve arranged to take the kids over tomorrow after noon for a visit.


~ by namegoeshere on February 24, 2008.