Disaster Averted

Well, we went over for a visit with Dad on Sunday afternoon. The visit went well. We basically sat in the living room and talked about lots of different things. Mom wasn’t one of the subjects.

I did have a hidden mission during our visit, you see, I made a mistake that could have ended badly. Quite badly. I left the tag from the dry-cleaners on the jacket that I took over to Dad. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except that our new phone number was on it. Not that Dad would abuse it, but it would definitely have gotten back to Mom, or she would have come up and found it, or something. Since I’ve just gotten our new number memorized recently, I’d really like to avoid having to change it again. I got a call on my cell, and excused myself to the kitchen to take it, where I discretely removed the tag from the jacket. Operation ‘continued quiet’ was successful.

While we were there, Dad’s phone rang at least 4 times. I was sitting close enough to hear Dad’s cell (set on vibrate) buzz within a minute of the house phone. House phone, cell phone, house phone, cell phone. Dad never acknowledged that it was even ringing. I think he may just be in the habit of tuning it out when he wants to.

What I noticed from the visit was that the kids were abnormally reserved. It probably is just because they haven’t seen him much recently. If it continues, I’ll probably have to address it.

~ by namegoeshere on February 28, 2008.