Dad’s Cell Phone Pin & Visit

I went over on Saturday afternoon to change Dad’s cell phone pin – since Mom has been erasing his messages and changing his outgoing message. At least she hasn’t set the stupid thing to Spanish again…

He and I talked for about an hour and a half, during which time I changed his pin #. He’s doing well, even though Mom calls him dozens of times a day. At least 6 calls while I was there. Every time the phone rang, he had to check it, because he was waiting for another call. I did mention to him about the studies that I had looked up showing that there was probably very little chance that Mom would ever show any meaningful improvement, even if she did get medication. That was kindof ignored, so I let it drop.

I set up a time on Sunday afternoon for the kids and I to come over for a visit, which went well. We lost track of time and were there for about 4 hours – not that we were in a hurry to leave or anything. Nothing really significant, just talked about the goings-on at the beach, and some local politics, and how the progress on their remodel was coming. Dad had told me previously, when the kids weren’t there, that on more than one occasion he had to call a contractor to smooth things over after Mom had gone off on them for some reason.

While we were there, Dad got a call from one of the remodeling contractors at the beach. The part of the conversation that I heard (because he hadn’t left the room yet) was that Mom would call quite a few times, and 3 of the 4 were fine. That 4th – look out!

Today (Monday) I got a call from Dad while I was at work. He asked if I would please come over and reset his phone’s pin # again. He had been ‘stupid’ (his words, not mine) and given it to Mom, but that he wasn’t going to make that mistake again. I went over after dinner, and changed it for him. I also showed him how to check the list of recently missed calls – he NEVER listens to his messages (so we have something in common).

~ by namegoeshere on March 18, 2008.