Another Visit, Firewood, and Mom’s TV

Sunday afternoon, the kids and I want over to visit with Dad again. He has been back for about two weeks, but didn’t call to let me know that he was back in town. We had a normal visit, and he told us about a friend at the beach who was in the hospital. He’s going down later this week, so we picked up a get-well card which Dad will deliver for us. While the kids were out of the room, Dad did ask if I thought that there was any way that Mom could at least talk to the kids on the phone. I told him that I really didn’t see any way it would be possible.

I got 2 calls from Mom on Saturday, one on my cell demanding that I take the kids over to visit Dad, since he has ‘given her up so that he can see them’. The other was at my office, which I didn’t get until today.

About 2 this afternoon, Dad called. Mom was having a problem with the bedroom TV, which loses it’s settings when the power goes out. I gave dad some suggestions, I really don’t remember since it’s been 3 years since I’ve had to reset it. I’ve mentioned it before. Basically, Mom can’t navigate through the TV’s on screen display to reset the channels. She can, however, manage to set Dad’s phone to play music instead of ringing, and reset his outgoing voicemail message, and set his controls to Spanish – go figure. Shortly after that, I got a call from mom (which I didn’t answer, obviously), and another call from Mom around 4:30, while I was on my way home from work. I finally listened to them when I got home. I was really curious how the first one would be, because Mom needed something, and I though she might be able to be at least civil until she got what she wanted. Boy, was I wrong. I’m looking to find some place that I can upload the MP3 file to – it should be enlightening for anyone who doesn’t have any idea of how vile she can be. I may end up posting it to youtube if nothing is available for MP3s.

And the firewood – A friend of mine had taken down a tree, and offered me the wood. I don’t have a fireplace, but Dad does, so I asked if he wanted it. I picked up the wood and delivered it to him, along with the card this evening.

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  1. I hope you can load it for others, but I think I’ll pass on listening to her again. The few that Your wife let me listen to were enough for me.

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