Dad’s Back Once Again

Dad got back from the beach on Tuesday – I drove past the house on my way home from work, and his truck was in the driveway. He called me later that evening and asked if I would come over and reset his cell phone pin number again.

So, Wednesday, I went over and reset the pin for the third time (I think). I assume he gives it to Mom when he is there to placate her at least a little. I don’t ask why he’d do that or give him a hard time about it. If that’s what it takes, then so be it.

We visited for about two hours, and talked mostly about the goings-on in the neighborhood. Dad has still been having problems with the contractor that is working on the remodel at the beach. Mom isn’t helping much in that respect. There have been a few occasions where Mom wanted something done a specific way, but it didn’t meet code. Mom’s gotten into arguments with them over it, claiming that she knows the right people to get whatever waiver she needs. I told Dad that I thought it was amazing that they still had any contractors left, judging by what I’ve heard about how Mom treats them. He told me that the general contractor is the one holding the project together, and he must be a saint because he puts up with more than Dad would.

I’m not sure if Dad is going to be in town this weekend, he’s supposed to call and let me know.

~ by namegoeshere on April 19, 2008.