A Little Birdie Told Me…

I got a call from my cousin, who had news. Dad had gone to the cabin this weekend (which I knew about) and had come back this afternoon. She said that she didn’t know if I had heard about a recent development, and thought I really ought to know. Dad has taken out a restraining order against Mom. Let me say that again – DAD HAS TAKEN OUT A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST MOM!

She told me that he has just had enough of Mom calling him 30+ times a day, and that he can’t take it any more. Mom was served with the papers late last week. Mom talked to my Aunt, who may be coming down to go with Mom to court. Dad is hoping that Mom doesn’t go to court, because then the restraining order would be uncontested, and there wouldn’t be a scene. If Mom shows up, then it will be a full-blown hearing.

After I talked to my cousin, I listened to the voicemail that Mom left for me on Thursday. It mentioned nothing about it, and she actually sounded somewhat slow – her speech was much slower than normal, and the level of emotion was down from what is usually is. I’m sure that after the summons arrived, her volume went to 11.

When I found that Mom’s message didn’t mention anything about a restraining order and summons, I assume that she hadn’t gotten it at that point. I’m really surprised that I my voicemail wasn’t full of messages about that. Maybe they’re all on my phone at work.

Anyway, I called Dad and asked him about it. He had talked to his lawyer last week, and they had gotten a temporary restraining order, with a hearing set up in two weeks. The serving of the summons had been ‘surprisingly efficient’, as Dad wasn’t expecting it to get to Mom until Monday. Dad has just had enough. Mom calls him 30 or more times a day to cuss at him about everything (and I’m sure everything starts from when they first met). She threatens him, both on the messages as well as when they are together. There have been half-a-dozen times when Mom has just showed up where Dad was at 2 or 3am. He just wants it to stop.

Dad has talked to a few people who talk to Mom, to try and convince her that it would probably be in her best interest to not show up at the hearing. I really don’t expect that to work, and neither does Dad.

I asked Dad what his ultimate goal was with the restraining order, and it didn’t sound like he had thought too much beyond just getting a little peace for himself. I explained that the restraining order wouldn’t ‘keep’ Mom from doing anything, but that there would be consequences when (not if) she violated it. BUT, when she did, the judge could order her to counseling or treatment. When that happens, the criteria for keeping her against her will (a danger to herself or others) no longer matter, since it is court ordered.

Dad’s hoping that Mom will not show up for court. I really don’t see how that would even be a possibility. I told him that I’ll take the day off and go with him. I’m sure he can use the moral support. I might even take a copy of my messages, just in case they’re needed. It will probably be the most interesting case the judge will hear that day.

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  1. Sounds like that day in court could be very interesting for anyone wanting to study law or just see how the courts work. Might beeven better than TV court!

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