Dad called me this afternoon to let me know that he has withdrawn his request for a restraining order. Mom told him (I’m not sure how, because she wasn’t supposed to have contact with him) that she would go to counseling. They already have several appointments set up with a woman psychologist. I’m not sure when the first one is.

I think that this is what Dad was trying to accomplish with it anyway. Apparently Mom was under the impression that the police would come and arrest her if she didn’t go to court, and everyone but Mom knows that if she went to court that they would order a psych eval on her.

I really don’t think Dad’s expectation that Mom will really go to counseling is realistic. I expect that Mom will probably have a very good reason to reschedule the appointment a few times before actually going (when she gets backed into a corner again). Then she’ll probably go to a few appointments, maybe even 3 or 4. Eventually she will just not go any more at all, and we’ll end up back where we were a month ago.

An observation – Mom promised that she would go to counseling not because Dad was concerned, or because Dad was avoiding her, or that she hasn’t talked to her grandkids in almost a year. She was motivated to action by the threat of arrest. Nothing short of that got her attention. I’ll have to mention it to Dad the next time that I see him.

~ by namegoeshere on April 23, 2008.