Dad prepares to take Mom to counseling

I got a call from Mom yesterday, and it doesn’t sound like she’s acquiesced to Dad’s request for any reason other than to avoid going to court over the restraining order. Her message was the usual crap about just how ‘all this’ started when we refused their very generous offer of a free vacation – while Mom & Dad were on Holiday last year, or maybe it’s all my Wife’s fault. She didn’t mention the restraining order or counseling at all.

My youngest’s birthday is next weekend and I’m scheduled to work that day. At the persistent urging of my Wife, I called Dad to see if he wanted to go out for pizza with us tonight. Dad had already eaten, so we had dinner at home instead. I talked to Dad briefly tonight. He told me about a conversation that they had, where Mom was thinking that Dad and the Dr. were conspiring to get her committed again. Dad reminded her that she was the one that called the Dr. and set up the appointments, and that it’s not a Dr. that he’d even heard of before. The part that bothers me the most about it is that while Dad was genuinely interested, and sounded really disappointed, he made NO effort to suggest any alternative. It feels like I’m doing all the work and imposing myself and the kids on him. The only time that he’s called is when he needed the pin number on his cell phone reset. All the other times the calls and visits have been initiated by Me. I’m wondering if those visits are appreciated, or if he just won’t tell me that they aren’t wanted.

My wife talked to my cousin last night, and one of the things that came up was that Dad won’t lie to Mom to make things simple. For some reason, he has to tell her about the goings-on, and if he visited with us, or other stuff that angers Mom. Not that he could keep Mom from getting angry, but he could easily choose a different target for her.

Dads planning on going down on Sunday, for Mom’s appointment later in the week. If I had to guess, I expect Mom will quit counseling and Dad will be back in two to three weeks. Dad will probably be contemplating another restraining order two weeks after that.

~ by namegoeshere on April 26, 2008.