An Accident

I tried getting a hold of Dad over the weekend, and finally left a note on his door.  He had gone to the cabin and called when he got back yesterday.  I called him this afternoon and found out some interesting stuff.

He wasn’t ambushed at the shrink.  He had a session with him, Mom had a session, and then they had a session together.  Dad explained what was going on, and has a few pages of notes of stuff that he forgot to mention.  Dad said that the shrink told him about a two-week injectable type of med that is supposed to help, and that they could probably trick Mom into getting it at least once.  I suggested a tranquilizer gun.

The message that Mom left where she was threatening and told Dad to ‘watch his back’ was similar to some that Dad’s lawyer took in to the judge.  The one that convinced him to issue an emergency restraining order was when Mom threatened to ‘scratch Dad’s eyes out’ if he went to the hospital for his cataract surgery.

Mom’s also been filling their contractor’s voice mail too.  At one point, Mom was out somewhere and really bad-mouthed the contractor.  He didn’t do good work, never showed up on time, etc.  Dad smoothed some of that over with the contractor, and is planning on contacting the people that Mom was talking to.  Mom’s slowly burning through more people all the time.

I reminded Dad that Mother’s Day was this Sunday, and that I wasn’t sending Mom a card.  I suggested that he might want either ear-plugs or distance to blunt some of her wrath.

And the accident….  Mom clipped mirrors with a van on the street, while driving the old farm truck (85 F150)  The truck’s mirrors are made of thicker steel than most cars these days, and it sounded like the mirror on the van she hit broke off completely.   Mom denied hitting it, and Dad (and the shrink as well) think that she just doesn’t remember it happening.  Dad talked with the sheriff and ‘fixed it’.

I’m not surprised that Mom wouldn’t remember having an accident, she ‘doesn’t remember’ tons of other stuff that she’s done.  Especially things that would put her in any kind of bad light.

Dad called and is hoping to have a meeting with the shrink tomorrow, or at least drop his notes off.  He’s not sure how long he’s planning on staying, as Mom has been ‘extremely difficult’ lately.

~ by namegoeshere on May 9, 2008.