More Second Hand News

I talked to my Cousin yesterday, and there have been a few developments.

My Aunt and Uncle were down a few weeks ago, and they reported that the neighbors have to close their windows because Mom is so loud. I assume that she is outside on the cell, talking to or leaving messages for people. I also assume that it happens at all hours, and is occasionally quite profane.

The remodel sounds like it will be close. At this point I’m not sure if Mom will drive the contractor off before he finishes or not. She left him over 100 messages in a single morning.

Mom & Dad have a house there that they rent out for vacationers over the summer. Mom currently has been living in it some of the time, and has her stuff and collected trash all over it. It will have to be cleaned out before the first renters show up. Which brings up another problem, Mom has been taking reservations for the house. She has always done it, but she no longer seems to be keeping track of who or when accurately. My Aunt said that Mom took a phone call where she collected a lot of information from someone, but the napkin that she wrote the information on didn’t contain the name, phone number, or dates – completely devoid of any useful information.

Also, Dad was heading out the door and Mom was trying to keep him from going by holding on to his keys. He pulled, and Mom let go (knowing full well, I’m certain) causing Dad to fall down the 4 concrete steps onto the sidewalk. He wasn’t hurt, thankfully.

Dad had been planning on seeing the shrink while he was down, at least to drop off his notes. From what I understand, it didn’t happen.

Dad came back on Sunday, but he’s had his phone turned off, so I haven’t talked to him. The outgoing message on his cell is once again Mom, so I know that she has his new pin#. I won’t be leaving any messages. I’m also not sure how much effort I need to put into contacting him. He’s back, knows my number, and yet hasn’t called. I’ve tried twice, but the call goes straight to voicemail, indicating that his phone is off. I could always drive over, but if he doesn’t want to call me, and doesn’t want anyone calling him, how welcome would a visit be?


~ by namegoeshere on May 15, 2008.