Day After Father’s Day

I had driven past Dad’s house a few times in the last week.  Once, Mom’s car was there by itself and the lights were off, then both cars were there.  On Sunday evening, Dad’s truck was there by itself.  I also got a call from Mom Sunday, reminding me how it was Father’s day, and I hadn’t done anything for Dad, but I never did anyway, blah blah blah…  It was the first call I’d gotten from her in two weeks, and knowing Mom’s pattern of not calling me when anyone (read Dad) is around, I figured it meant that she had left.

I called Dad on Monday to wish him a happy belated Father’s day, but Mom answered his cell.  After a stunned second of silence, I said something like ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to get a hold of Dad.’  She said that he was outside, and would take the phone to him.  Somewhere along the way she closed his phone, which hung it up.  I was still holding the phone next to my ear when it rang.   Dad and I talked for a few minutes about the kids, and a science exhibit they had seen with a large Van de Graff generator that they enjoyed playing with.

I was trying to figure out just what it meant that Mom could answer Dad’s phone and be civil (cold, but civil).  I guessed that if she and Dad had been in close proximity for the last two weeks, then she had probably come down, at least a bit.

Five minutes after I hung up with Dad, I got a call from Mom’s cell.  For the first time in almost a year, I answered it.  I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting.  I think I was hoping for civil, at least once more.  Nope, just like before, and on the messages.  She starts at a normal level and tone, but you can tell she’s just warming up.  She only got in two complaints (missing their anniversary this year, and Mother’s day) before she abruptly hung up.  I surmise that she was hiding her call from Dad, but really don’t know.

They did tell me a bit of their schedule for the week, both of them are going to the beach.  Later this week, Dad is going to have his cataract surgery.   I guess Mom hasn’t threatened to  ‘scratch his eyes out‘ lately.

Dad also told me that they were going to see the shrink while they were down, and that the shrink thinks that Mom’s doing ‘extremely well’.  I’m not sure what ‘extremely well’ means, but from what Mom has said, this shrink has an aversion to using meds.  I’m not holding my breath for any significant change.  And I’m back to wondering just what Dad is expecting to result from these visits.

~ by namegoeshere on June 17, 2008.