Mom’s Power is Gone

My wife and I went out for an hour or so, while the kids stayed home. I had forgotten my cell, and didn’t check it until later that evening. When I did, I saw that Mom had called. I asked the kids about it, and found that my Daughter had answered it (insert gasp here).
My youngest Son – 11, heard it ring, looked at it, and saw ‘Mom – cell’. He handed it to my Daughter to answer, which she did. Mom apparently thought she was my wife, and asked to talk to me. My daughter hung up. Nobody answered 30 seconds later when she called back.
I’ve since changed Mom’s contact information on my phone to read ‘xxxMom’ for her various numbers, so that the kids won’t get confused again. I’m not sure why they didn’t notice the sinister ringtone that’s reserved exclusively for Mom, it’s ‘toccata and fugue’.
The really surprising part was that nobody mentioned it until I asked, hours after we had gotten home. A year ago, an accidentally answered call from Mom wouldn’t have been easily forgotten. I take it as a sign that Mom’s power over them is waning.
Mom and Dad are at the beach, and Dad had his cataract removed yesterday, as far as I know. I’m not sure how long it will last this time. I’m guessing 10 days or less. I still have the support group info for Dad that I never got to drop off.

~ by namegoeshere on June 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Mom’s Power is Gone”

  1. lmao @ toccata and fugue…that’s MY mom’s ringtone too.

  2. I think that is epic that you have a sinister ring tone for your mother. I lold

  3. Jane:
    Glad you like it. It’s a standard ringtone, so it’s the happiest rendition of ‘toccata’ I’ve ever heard. I really wanted Lurch’s groan from the Addams Family, but I’m too much of a frugalskate to pay for it.

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