Visit With Dad and a Box of Malice

I got a call from Dad on Tuesday evening.  He’s back in town, alone.  His eye surgery went well, and he can drive without glasses.  We chatted for a while and got caught up with things that have been going on.  I already knew about the problems with Mom’s car, but Dad’s truck is now under a recall and will need to be in the shop for a few hours to have a part replaced.

Mom’s car also is back in the shop, this time it was her car that was hit while parked on the street.  The damage sounded minor, but they are going to replace the entire drivers door.  She’s in a loaner for the next week or so while the work is done.  Dad told me that they were initially having some problems dealing with the insurance company of the driver that hit her, but that Mom got angry and called them.  Eventually she got what she wanted, including the loaner.

I made arrangements to take the kids over for a visit with Dad on Wednesday, and called him on my way home from work to confirm. Our visit went well, and the kids and I sat and talked with Dad for about two hours.

When we were leaving, Dad gave us a box and several bags of stuff that Mom had designated for us while she was cleaning.  My wife and I went through it when we got home.

It included some high school and college yearbooks of mine and a few other books, as well as a random collection of other garbage, which is typical for anything sent from Mom.  It even included a few packets of instant hot chocolate and a box of off-brand pop-tarts with two packets left in it, one of which had been opened.  There were the normal malevolent writings on cards and pictures, saying how much She missed seeing the kids, how cruel my Wife and I were being, and that God would get even with us some day.

Also included in the box were pictures of me when I was little – from 2 1/2 on up.  And pictures of Mom & Dad with my boys.  The distinct impression that my Wife and I got was that Mom included those pictures as a cruel reminder of the relationship they used to have with the kids, and that she was symbolically getting rid of us.  Not that she is actually doing that, as it would take a steamer trunk or three for just the photos.  But she wants me to think that is what she is doing, thinking that I would somehow be hurt by it.

Also, just to give you an idea of the level of malice involved, she also included a ‘gift’ for my wife.  I’m sure that she actually went out of her way to locate and purchased is especially for her.  It’s a pair of ‘granny panties’ in pink nylon that are large enough to fit over my truck’s tire.

Thanks, Mom.  Thanks a lot.

I’ve refrained from getting her a birthday present again this year.  I really don’t think she’d like the stuff from Despair anyway.

~ by namegoeshere on July 3, 2008.